Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where do you Blog? Some things are better left unknown.

On September fourth, Hoover Boo over at Piece of Eden asked bloggers, "Where do you blog?' "What is your view?" and "Does anyone stare?"  She and several other bloggers have been sharing images of their tastefully decorated, clutter free work areas or just various gorgeous spots in their homes where they comfortably sit with their laptops.  Being more of a curmudgeon and following the example of Andy Rooney http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-3445_162-2405083/being-messy-has-its-perks/ my space is kind of full of stuff.
This computer desk looks like an armoire when it's closed and we got it with the thought that we could do just that when company came by.  Now it's so crammed with stuff that it takes a major reorganization  just to get the side doors to close a little. 

I know this is scary for many of you so if you cannot abide clutter and are in constant fear that if you don't throw everything away as soon as you can, you'll be featured on "Hoarders," I'll totally understand if you read no further  or perhaps avert your eyes.   This is my view to my left.
On my right, I look out through the  gaps between the various stained glass panels to see the Paulownia tomentosas in my parking strip.
Who stares?  Well, there's Stryder who is usually curled up on one side of my feet.  (All the dogs came with their names FYI.)

Henny Penny (we call her Chocolate)  is usually curled up on the other side of my feet.

Rigby is usually to my far left side and will start to bark at me if I spend too much time not paying attention to him.

Sarah Sue sits behind the chair and periodically brings squeaky toys in from the other room for me to throw for her.  If  I get too involved in the blog and don't pay attention to her, there will be a big pile of toys behind me .
This one doesn't so much stare as come in and chat with me.

Well, gotta go throw a toy for Sarah Sue or there'll be hell to pay! 
Now it's your turn to share. Where do you blog?  What is your view? Does anyone stare?