Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 2013 Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

After our big freeze there's not a lot blooming in the garden that doesn't look a little like this.
Fortunately, Chavliness said that her stinking hellebore was budded up so I ran (who are we kidding here, I waddled) out to check on mine and sure enough, there will be blooms for next month if the weather cooperates!
Still teasing me with it's lovely dangly earrings of buds is garrya issaquahensis.  Not quite blooms yet but still neato!
So what is actually blooming you may ask? 
Arbutus unedo compacta

Someone has been busy pollinating these charming flowers as I see lots of little green fruits forming.  Perhaps it's too early to tell and these may be unfertilized but fingers crossed for more pretty red fruit next year!
 The lifesaver, tough as nails Viburnum 'Pink Dawn' that come hell or high water (or deep freeze which did slow it down a bit) blooms from November through May is perfuming the air with its sweet scent. 

These blooms and their fragrance are my reward for taking the garbage out and a special treat today was picking up the torn and strewn pages of an explicit pornographic magazine left on the steps next to the viburnum along with several beer cans and some cigarette butts, gifts from residents of the clearly understaffed group home across the alley from our home.  Hey, did you know that wine now comes in juice box-like packaging complete with a straw?  I learn all the most interesting things picking up the trash left out on my sidewalk.  You'd of course want to know that as you're planning for your holiday entertaining. Heather won't spill on your rug that way! On the bright side, there haven't been any syringes with hypodermic needles attached out there for at least a couple of years now.  Those really skeeve me out.   Also, during the rainy season, the urine often deposited out on the sidewalk washes away quickly so the fragrance doesn't linger.  Ah the joys of urban living.

Grevillea victoriae 'Murray Queen' is just opening it's first bloom of the season.  It's recovered nicely since it had its tops snapped off in August of 2012 (see images here,) is full of leaves but has very few blooms this year despite the trees shading it having been removed last winter.  We'll see what next year brings.
Meanwhile, the Schlumbergeras were incredibly full of bloom this year.  For quite a while, I've meant to take pictures of them to make them a favorite plant this week feature.  Now, they're just past their prime and nearly all of the blossoms are in decline.  It's been a busy few weeks!

These were a little late for me this year as they usually begin blooming the first couple of weeks of November and last until about now.  This year, they bloomed later, more prolifically and have lasted a little longer.  I love having rooms upstairs that are unused where these can live happily!
On the fifteenth of each month, Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day meme to celebrate what's blooming in gardens around the world.   Click over to her site to check out the floral festivities!
By the way, if you enjoy classical Christmas music (even some good choral stuff!)  I've been streaming classic KING FM's Christmas channel.  Yes, I know it's only advent but there's more great literature than can be enjoyed during the 12 days of Christmas!  Anyway, it's at  Do you have a favorite station to stream during the holiday season?